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swervedriver live at club dada in dallas

Playlist includes “Never Lose That Feeling,” “Everso” and “Last Train to Satansville.”


new swervedriver song 'deep wound' — plus adam franklin covers wolf parade & the clientele


All-time shoegaze greats Swervedriver are reunited and back on the road. They kick off a handful of US dates tonight in Philadelphia and made their long overdue late night TV debut Monday on Fallon.

In a web exclusive, Adam Franklin and company broke out a brand new song entitled “Deep Wound.” With terrific guitar interplay and big hooks, this would be right at home on Mezcal Head:

That’s one of several new songs the band will be trying out on tour, with hopes of recording an album before the end of the year. For the Fallon broadcast, Swervedriver went to the well and chose their very first single, 1990’s “Son Of Mustang Ford”:

If you happen to catch Swervedriver on tour, you can pick up a limited edition clear vinyl 7″ of Adam Franklin’s covers of Wolf Parade’s “Shine A Light” and The Clientele’s “Elm Grove Window.” The former has been sought after by fans since it failed to show up as promised on Franklin’s 2010 album I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years, and the latter is a lovely version of a Clientele deep cut:

Download the “Shine A Light” single now at iTunes.

top 30 albums of 2010: 30-21

Before we get into the list, a disclaimer. Unlike that of your “legitimate” music blogs — with a staff of writers, editors and contributors weighing in — this list is one man’s opinion. A prejudiced, narrow and significantly uninformed opinion.

That said, this list represents the releases of the past year that tickled an old waver’s fancy. Maybe it was a gooey synth, a shoegazey guitar, dreamy vocals or some other Pavlovian trigger, but something in all of these albums took me to my happy place.

So, with apologies to Kanye, here’s part one of Old Waver’s Top 30 Albums of 2010:

30: Thieves Like Us – Again And Again
A guilty pleasure of Swedish synthpop goodness

“Never Known Love”

29: Tamaryn – The Waves
New Zealand’s principal shoegaze export

“Love Fade”

28: Violens – Amoral
Elaborate New Romantic pop from former members of Lansing-Drieden

“Acid Reign”

27: Wavves – King Of The Beach
Less lo-fi with a full-fledged band, but Nathan Williams is still a train wreck

“King Of The Beach”

26: Future Islands – In Evening Air
New Order basslines and dramatic vocals are the hallmark of this Baltimore trio

25: Errors – Come Down With Me
Frenetic “post-electro” from Glasgow

“A Rumour In Africa”

24: Hot Chip – One Life Stand
A grown up and fleshed out effort from the stalwart electropop outfit

“I Feel Better”

23: Small Black – New Chain
First full length from Brooklyn “chillwavers”


22: Adam Franklin & Bolts Of Melody – I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years
His most vital solo work since Swervedriver

“I’ll Be Yr Mechanic”

21: Frank (Just Frank) – The Brutal Wave
A chilly coldwave duo from the south of France

Part two: albums 20-11
Part three: albums 10-1