High T with Old Waver – episode 1


Hey, what’s up?

This site has been dormant for a while, but since I still pay for it I may as well use it to house the episodes of my new podcast, High T with Old Waver.

My co-host is Toby Pipes (aka High T), of Fort Worth’s own Calhoun and Denton 90s darlings Deep Blue Something. Together, we conceived this podcast as an excuse to hang out, drink beer and listen to tunes. Hopefully the accompanying conversation is interesting enough.

For episode 1, we reviewed Nine Inch Nails “Less Than”, Eliot Sumner “After Dark”, The Horrors “Machine”, Emiliana Torrini “Speed of Dark”, LCD Soundsystem “American Dream” and Rainbow Team “Bite the Apple”.

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or listen here:


One thought on “High T with Old Waver – episode 1

  1. Joe Mac Pherson

    I never, ever download music. I don’t walk around with headphones, either. I don’t own a Twitter account, no Facebook profile and I absolutely refuse to text- no exceptions. I prefer to see the world around me when I walk down the street; not staring down at a cell phone.
    I attend dozens of live music concerts each year. I buy actual, physical CD’s and vinyl LP’s. No interest in MP3 files. I listen to commercial free college and university radio stations and Yes, I’m a supporter. I’m wondering if your site will ever excite me, inspire me to look further and listen to bands and recording artists I might not be aware of.
    I honestly did wonder why I wasn’t receiving any emails regarding your site, since I signed up for them. What now?

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