stream full 'paracosm' lp from washed out



Chillwave as a genre came and went, but as a state of mind it lives on. Ernest Greene’s bedroom project Washed Out releases its second album next week. Less immediate than debut Within And Without and even more lush than the Life of Leisure EP (so verdant, a cut was borrowed for the Portlandia theme), Paracosm is legal mood enhancement.

Greene strives to get lost in his sonic paracosm, inviting you along for the journey. It’s a dense forest of world rhythms, nature sounds, swelling strings, bright percussion, shimmering synths and his lazily detached vocals. The music washes over you like the gentle ripples of a sensory deprivation tank until all the thoughts polluting your mind float away. Give it a shot:

(via guardianuk)

It’s a technicolor world in Greene’s mind. Check out the arresting visuals that bring lead single “Don’t Give Up” to life:

Paracosm is out August 13 on Sub Pop.


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