stream new pond lp 'hobo rocket'


Man, I haven’t updated this thing since April? Guess I need to do something with this domain if I’m going to renew it for another year. Or maybe I won’t. Life’s been much more peaceful just reposting crap to facebook & twitter.

Anyway, something over at NPR caught my ear today. If you enjoy the Aussie psych rock of Tame Impala, but you wish they could be just a little more druggy, then give the new album from Pond a listen. Led by former Tame Impala bassist Nick Allbrook and featuring two other TI members, it’s cut from the same fuzzy cloth with a more experimental bent. Hobo Rocket‘s title track has spoken word lyrics from what sounds like a real live hobo for goodness sake.

Only 35 minutes long, it meanders for seemingly much longer with heavy riffs and spacey synths scattered throughout. Have a listen:

If you prefer your trips accompanied by random non sequitur images, the videos for “Giant Tortoise” and “Xanman” are below. Hobo Rocket is out August 6th on Modular.


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