stream new beady eye 'flick of the finger'


So maybe I’m in the vast minority stateside, but I’ll still raise a lighter to “Don’t Look Back In Anger” and I still hold more than a passing interest in those loutish Gallagher boys. Liam’s band Beady Eye will return with the follow-up to the massively underwhelming Different Gear, Still Speeding this June. Recorded with TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, BE is expected to be an extensive overhaul of the previous album’s British Invasion nostalgia.

As Liam himself recently told this young fan outside a pub in Brockenhurst, “if you’re into drugs, you’ll like it”:

The first track from the new album, “Flick Of The Finger”, fits the “druggy” bill with psychedelic horns and a spoken word outro:

Promising enough, if you’re into recycled Britpop, drugs, or both. Here’s Liam with the full BE tracklist:



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