listening post: stream new lps from brmc, the ocean blue, the strokes & suede

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Remember the good old days when you’d visit the neighborhood Tower Records or Virgin Megastore, throw on some crusty headphones and stand there listening to an entire CD? We used to be so stupid.

It’s a big week for preview streams with Depeche Mode sticking Delta Machine up on iTunes (unembeddable, sorry), plus new stuff from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Ocean Blue, The Strokes and Suede. The latter four I’ve got for you right here, which you can listen to on your own, more sanitary headphones.

Specter At The Feast is BRMC’s first album since the loss of Robert Been’s father, Michael Been of The Call. The sorrow definitely colors the mood, but this is a pretty diverse effort that captures all of BRMC’s various sonic identities.

(via rolling stone)
American jangle pop heroes The Ocean Blue have returned after a 14 year absence with Ultramarine. It’s as though they never left. Still no Steve Lau, replaced by Oed Ronne way back in ’96, but they hit all the right notes for anyone who was obsessed with college radio in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

The Strokes return with their fifth album, Comedown Machine, next week. For those who were disappointed in 2011’s Angles, this is a welcome ‘return to form’ despite Julian Casablancas’ falsetto in bait-and-switch single “One Way Trigger”.

(via pitchfork)
And let’s welcome back the glammiest of all britpop bands, Suede. Bloodsports is Brett Anderson and company’s first LP in 11 years, and while still without original guitarist Bernard Butler they’ve recaptured the bombast and melodrama of their classic Dog Man Star.

(via npr)

Bloodsports track list:

  1. Barriers
  2. Snowblind
  3. It Starts and Ends with You
  4. Sabotage
  5. For the Strangers
  6. Hit Me
  7. Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
  8. What Are You Not Telling Me?
  9. Always
  10. Faultlines

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