hot chip presents homoerotic football


Not much more masculine than cruising in your rock band tour bus and playing video games with your buds. Until your simulated soccer match morphs into an intergalactic dance off and ultimately the biggest gay orgy since ancient Rome.

That’s the wildly amusing premise of Hot Chip‘s video for “Don’t Deny Your Heart”, the latest single from the excellent In Our Heads. Director Peter Serafinowicz describes it as a video for all “Music/Football/Videogames/Sex fans.” Gamers will especially get a kick out of the clunky Pro Evolution Soccer graphics, insightful color commentary like “Well the two teams are playing a game of football” and hilarious play by play such as “Oh, that’s a beautiful kiss! Extraordinarily tender!” Watch:

Only a matter of time before someone hacks a FIFA 13 orgy mode.


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