new order live in dallas 10-12-12


Post-Hooky New Order played to a sold-out Palladium Ballroom in Dallas last Friday. It was my third time seeing them (’93 Republic tour in Dallas & ’05 at Coachella), but the first in a more intimate, club-like setting. Palladium is a cavernous warehouse space, but on this packed night it seemed downright cozy.

The crowd itself was one of the more engaged at a Dallas show in recent memory. Certainly there were those just there to see “Bizarre Love Triangle”, but most appeared to have a sense of giddy reverence…  amazed to be in the same room with such legends.

It’s impossible to talk about the show without mentioning the absence of estranged bassist Peter Hook. In my estimation, it actually made it better on several fronts. One, the band were in great spirits without the insufferable lug on the bus. Also, with Hook doing live performances of the Joy Division and early New Order catalog, there’s a wrestling match over the band’s legacy, which led to more old-school deep cuts in the set list.

And perhaps most important, new bassist Tom Chapman is a flat-out better player than Hook. Blasphemy, I know. Of course Hook created that signature sound and was a driving force of the band in its heyday, but the fact is he can be a sloppy live player and can’t match Chapman’s technical chops.

That said, it was a fantastic show. Couldn’t believe I got to see “Love Vigilantes”, “586” and “Shadowplay” live. I didn’t roll video on the whole show because I wanted to just take it in as much as possible — and I didn’t want to be “that guy” – but check out the selections I did upload to my youtube channel, as well as a couple from user yancunian. Full set list at the end of the post, courtesy Enjoy!

New Order, Dallas Palladium Ballroom 10-12-12 set list:

  1. Elegia
  2. Crystal
  3. Ceremony
  4. Age of Consent
  5. Love Vigilantes
  6. Isolation
  7. Here to Stay
  8. Your Silent Face
  9. Bizarre Love Triangle
  10. 5 8 6
  11. True Faith
  12. The Perfect Kiss
  13. Blue Monday
  14. Temptation
  15. (encore) Atmosphere
  16. Shadowplay
  17. Transmission
  18. Love Will Tear Us Apart

2 thoughts on “new order live in dallas 10-12-12

  1. Steve Jordan

    Yes. Love Vigilantes and 5 8 6 were both jean staining surprises. Glad to see Transmission as well. Great show. Glad I scored a last minute ticket.

  2. Misty

    Thanks for uploading these! I was there and captured Ceremony but regret not getting Temptation. Too busy dancing and screaming along. Awesome show!!

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