download: old waver aug/sept mix tape


So here’s the deal. Last month I was really busy (read lazy) and didn’t get around to the monthly mix — although I did post the wildly popular Deep Wave mix tape if you happened to miss it.

That means this edition is an August/September mashup, which actually worked out quite well. There’s a nice variety of stuff on this bonus-length mix including new Atoms For Peace, Crystal Castles, Cold Cave, Bat For Lashes, Trail Of Dead and Dum Dum Girls. And don’t sleep on The Soft Moon, Cold Showers and Everything Everything.

After two years I’ve realized this blog is just an excuse to compile these mix tapes, so please enjoy the fruits of this pointless exercise. You can find all the previous monthly mix tapes here. Enjoy!

old waver august/september 2012 mix tape (92MB file)

streaming version:
old waver august/september 2012 mix tape


  1. Default – Atoms For Peace [00:00]
  2. Wrath Of God – Crystal Castles [05:07]
  3. Point Your Pistols To The Sigh – Liars [08:09]
  4. A Little Death To Laugh – Cold Cave [11:30]
  5. All Your Gold – Bat For Lashes [15:01]
  6. Paradise – Wild Nothing [18:13]
  7. Heavenly Bodies – Tamaryn [23:38]
  8. Rip – Ringo Deathstarr [27:55]
  9. Up To Infinity – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [29:48]
  10. Never – Hooray For Earth [34:24]
  11. Cough Cough – Everything Everything [38:57]
  12. Insides – The Soft Moon [42:38]
  13. Season In Hell – Dum Dum Girls [46:32]
  14. Follow (Memory Tapes remix) – DIIV [49:33]
  15. Mtn Tune – Trails And Ways [53:58]
  16. A Vision Of Hell, 1996 – The Ice Choir [58:00]
  17. Dressed For Space – Trust [61:17]
  18. Take Me To The Hospital – The Faint [64:49]
  19. BC – Cold Showers [68:45]
  20. Bad Insect – Ultraista [73:22]
  21. Union – Teen Daze (feat. Frankie Rose) [77:46]

2 thoughts on “download: old waver aug/sept mix tape

  1. Jamie

    Not pointless at all, I’ve found some proper gems on the mixtapes and have discovered some of my favourite bands from them. Thanks love!

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