watch/download tim burgess' 'white', stream 'oh no I love you' album


The Charaltans frontman Tim Burgess has led his band through many incarnations over the past 23 years. Now he’s set to release his second solo album, Oh No I Love You, which like its predecessor is a significant departure from anywhere The Charlatans have been.

Co-written with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner and recorded in Nashville, it’s an eclectic mix of chamber pop, folky jams and jaunty hooks. Lead single “White” is a standout with its great bassline and extensive horn section. Check out the video and stream/download the excellent “Time And Space Machine Mix” below:

(download here)

Thanks to The Guardian, you can stream the whole record. Listen to Burgess get all chicken fried on “The Graduate”, enjoy the wonderfully titled “The Great Outdoors Bitches”, and hear him break out the falsetto on “The Economy”:

Burgess will have a twitter listening party tomorrow at 1:30 EST. Oh No I Love You is out next week on Burgess’ own O Genesis Recordings.


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