crystal castles 'wrath of god' single, 'plague' video


Canadian electro duo Crystal Castles have revealed a November 6th release date for new album III. To coincide with the announcement, single “Wrath Of God” debuted on the Zane Lowe BBC radio show today, which is as glitchy and ominous as you probably imagine:

This on the heels of an unofficial fan video for previous single “Plague” being made “official” earlier this week. Featuring clips from the 1981 Andrzej Zulawski film Possession, it’s unsettling to say the least:

The instrumental half of the duo, Ethan Kath, promises III is a deliberate evolution, saying “Any keyboards and pedals used on I or II were traded for different keyboards and pedals so that there would be a new palette of sounds to work with. We wouldn’t allow any computers near the studio, everything had to be recorded to tape.”

For an idea of how Kath and Alice Glass pull this off live, check out their brief but balls-out set from Reading:

Something about a woman swigging Jack straight from the bottle.


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