download: deep wave mix tape volume 1


So this blog just turned 2, and to celebrate I’ve got a new feature to share with you. As the monthly mix tapes have proved to be rather popular, I decided to put together a mix of the classic variety.

Whereas the monthly mixes are culled from the content of the blog, this new “deep wave” mix is a collection of vintage new wave, new romantic, post punk and shoegaze that I’ve been revisiting — mostly through dusty vinyl rummaging. Hopefully you’ll be reminded of some old favorites or maybe even discover something new.

If you dig it, count on volume 2 later this year as these mixes become a semi-regular feature. Thanks for your readership and support!

deep wave mix tape volume 1 (88MB file)

streaming version:

deep wave mix tape volume 1


  1. Let Me Go – Heaven 17 [0:00]
  2. Quite Unusual – Front 242 [4:12]
  3. Quiet Life – Japan [7:51]
  4. My Own Way – Duran Duran [11:21]
  5. Machine Gun – Slowdive [16:07]
  6. Well I Wonder – The Smiths [20:12]
  7. Crush – OMD [24:04]
  8. The Party’s Over – Talk Talk [28:25]
  9. Same Old Scene – Roxy Music [34:25]
  10. Volumes – The Church [38:17]
  11. Taste – Ride [42:10]
  12. Rave Down – Swervedriver [45:21]
  13. Cries And Whispers – New Order [50:21]
  14. Underneath the Radar – Underworld [53:34]
  15. And Then.. – Depeche Mode [59:25]
  16. Here It Comes Again – The Jesus & Mary Chain [63:54]
  17. Clock – The Danse Society [66:25]
  18. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea – The Cure [70:08]

4 thoughts on “download: deep wave mix tape volume 1

  1. GuestyGuesterson

    You had me at Slowdive. “Dagger” still chokes me up. And consider throwing Catherine Wheel some love. “A Flower to Hide” maybe?

  2. bg

    Awesome. I wish the Orphanage didnt have to mix with that Turdbox such a waste of 15 min.

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