stream new sebadoh 'secret ep'


Lou Barlow has been quite busy. Not only is the reunited Dinosaur Jr. still going strong with a new album, I Bet On Sky, due out this fall, he’s currently in the studio with his other legendary alt rock trio, Sebadoh.

A new full length is scheduled for 2013, but the band have just released an EP to coincide with an August tour of the east coast. The Secret EP is available digitally for five bucks here, or in CD format at the live shows. It features three Lou Barlow tunes (“Keep the Boy Alive,” “Arbitrary High” and “All Kinds”) and two from Jason Loewenstein (“My Drugs” and “I Don’t Mind”). The first new stuff since 2009’s The Sebadoh, it’s right in line with the polished lo-fi of Bakesale and Harmacy, which to my ears was their zenith.

Stream the EP below. I forgot just how much I missed these guys.


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