chemical brothers 'theme from velodrome' for london olympics


The last time the U.S. hosted the Olympic Games, 2002 in Salt Lake City, the music was composed by John Williams and the official song, “Light the Fire Within,” was performed by LeAnn Rimes. Contrast that to what London is throwing out there. There’s an opening ceremonies concert headlined by Duran Duran, a closing ceremonies show in Hyde Park featuring Blur, and now this:

The Chemical Brothers – “Theme From Velodrome” (via 107.7 the end)

Composed for the cycling events, it combines cinematic drama, the Chems’ signature sound and some Kraftwerk-style vocoder action. Add to that the quite interesting opening ceremonies playlist compiled by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire), and London is out-cooling us by a mile.

Perhaps the lone misstep is the official song, “Survival,” from art rockers Muse. It marries well with the visuals, but Matt Bellamy has been listening to way too many Queen records:

The Opening Ceremonies for the London Games are fast approaching, set for Friday July 27th.


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