download: old waver june mix tape


A couple days late, but just in time for your July 4th festivities, I present the June mix tape. I wasn’t sure if there’d be enough material to fill out the mix (since I pretty much blew off last week), however, this mix turned out to be one of the longest yet.

Included is the triumphant return of Blur and the new “supergroup” formed by Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner and Spoon’s Britt Daniel. There’s also previously unreleased tracks from John Maus, Cold Cave and The Rapture, the new Adult Swim single from Wye Oak, and new tracks from forthcoming albums by Wild Nothing, The Raveonettes and Stars. Also note Echo Lake’s “Even The Blind.” The London band just released their debut album, only days after the tragic death of drummer Pete Hayes at the age of 25.

Please enjoy, and check out previous monthly mix tapes here.

old waver june 2012 mix tape (80MB file)

streaming version:
old waver june 2012 mix tape


  1. The Puritan – Blur [00:00]
  2. My Love Is Real – Divine Fits [03:14]
  3. Believe In My Blood – Cold Cave [06:00]
  4. Living In Another World (Talk Talk cover) – Lights with Darkstars [10:27]
  5. Shadow – Wild Nothing [14:33]
  6. Spiral – Wye Oak [18:46]
  7. Even The Blind – Echo Lake [24:24]
  8. In Love Divine – The Rapture [29:19]
  9. Shoreless Kid – Young Galaxy [36:15]
  10. Jamaica – Van She [40:45]
  11. And I’m Up – A Place To Bury Strangers [45:14]
  12. Observations – The Raveonettes [48:53]
  13. Follow – DIIV [53:19]
  14. Ruin – Cat Power [56:00]
  15. Bennington – John Maus [60:29]
  16. Theory Of Relativity – Stars [63:37]
  17. Static Light – Ultraista [67:47]

2 thoughts on “download: old waver june mix tape

  1. Tad

    This particular mix tape is one of the greatest compilations I’ve ever encountered. Cold Cave, Ravonettes, Wild Nothing, Stars, Wye Oak, John Maus— all on the same comp? Amazing stuff. Plus, it’s expertly paced and has an incredibly moody mix of styles. Very cool. Can’t thank you enough for this.

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