new blur: 'under the westway' & 'the puritan'


Today, Blur took to twitter to debut two brand new songs. “Under The Westway” was previously heard live and stripped down at a War Child benefit a few months back, but “The Puritan” was a true debut.

These songs of course are the fruits of Blur’s most recent reunion, which will culminate with the big Olympic closing show. It’s unclear if the band will remain together beyond that — or if a new album will ever be finished — but let’s just focus on the positive for the moment.

“Under The Westway” sounds to me like a blown out brit ballad that would be right at home on their over-the-top opus The Great Escape (updated 7/6 with new official video):

“The Puritan” has a much more impish vibe that’s reminiscent of Modern Life Is Rubbish, but polished up with Think Tank or Gorillaz style production:

The double a-side single is available now on iTunes and available for preorder on colored vinyl. Here are today’s live rooftop performance debuts of both songs:


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