stream 'static light' & 'smalltalk' from nigel godrich's ultraista


Legendary producer and the “sixth member” of Radiohead (seventh, if you count Clive Deamer), Nigel Godrich, has unveiled a side project entitled Ultraista. A collaboration with Atoms For Peace drummer Joey Waronker and visual artist/vocalist Laura Bettinson, it’s as delightfully slick and futuristic as you’d expect.

The latest track, “Static Light,” has a very King Of Limbs bass line and back beat, but Bettinson’s layered vocals and the sparse synth stabs take it to a whole different place:

“Smalltalk” has a more traditional structure and is tight as hell. Apologies for sleeping on this when it hit last month:

So far, this is it… no plans for any full length or even a physical release of these singles. Hopefully that will change soon.


One thought on “stream 'static light' & 'smalltalk' from nigel godrich's ultraista

  1. Kristinn Björgvinsson

    I heard smalltalk tonight on the funkþáttur in iceland and i´m feeling it alot ,man

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