new young galaxy single — 'youth is wasted on the young' & 'shoreless kid'


One ancillary benefit of vinyl’s resurgence is the return of the 7″. Seems bands today are more apt to fill the gaps between LPs with non-album singles or teaser EPs to keep their fan base engaged.

Today, Canada’s Young Galaxy released “Youth Is Wasted On The Young” as a limited edition double a-side single with “Shoreless Kid.” Recorded over the holidays last year, the tracks are a melding of their previous incarnation as a shoegaze/dream pop band and the more synthpop leanings of previous album Shapeshifting.

Check out the Marr-esque fretwork in “Youth Is Wasted On The Young”:

Boy, ain’t that the truth. As for the other a-side, “Shoreless Kid” delves into New Order territory around the 2:55 mark:

Good stuff. After collaborating on Shapeshifting with producer Dan Lissvik via email and Skype, the band are currently in Sweden at Lissvik’s studio to work on their upcoming fourth full length in the flesh.


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