hot chip 'in our heads' lp stream, prince cover & more


Next week, London synthpop nerds Hot Chip will release their fifth LP, In Our Heads. At first blush, it’s the most mature, consistent and hook-filled album of their career. Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard and company have always played their electro-disco-R&B mashup with a bit of a wink and a nod, but it seems they’re finally comfortable in their own skin.

NPR has the ‘first listen,’ so you can hear what a complete lack of artistic self consciousness sounds like:

In Our Heads track list:

  1. Motion Sickness
  2. How Do You Do
  3. Don’t Deny Your Heart
  4. Look At Where We Are
  5. These Chains
  6. Night And Day
  7. Flutes
  8. Now There Is Nothing
  9. Ends Of The Earth
  10. Let Me Be Him
  11. Always Been Your Love

Hot Chip have been busy promoting the new album in the UK. During a recent appearance on the Zane Lowe BBC Radio show, the guys paid homage to a hero with a stellar cover of Prince’s “If I Was Your Girlfriend”:

Of course the UK promo circuit also includes a trip to Later… with Jools Holland. Hot Chip did a trio of new songs, including single “Night And Day,” “Don’t Deny Your Heart” and How Do You Do?”:

And to get you fully up to speed on all things Hot Chip, take a moment to bask in the epic weirdness of the “Night And Day” video:

If you’ve made it this far, you also might be interested to know that Hot Chip’s new drummer is the lovely Sarah Jones of Bat For Lashes and New Young Pony Club. Now you’re caught up.


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