download: old waver may mix tape


I usually like to underpromise and overdeliver, but I’ll go ahead and say it…  I think this month’s mix turned out pretty, pretty, pretty good.

It’s more remix heavy than usual, with great collaborations between I Break Horses and Man Without Country, Errors and Maximo Park, Mylo and M83, and the great Vince Clarke and Liars. Plus, there’s also great new stuff from DIIV, Japandroids, Dan Deacon, Purity Ring and Twin Shadow.

Have a listen and see what you think. For previous monthly mix tapes, click here.

old waver may 2012 mix tape (76MB file)

streaming version:
old waver may 2012 mix tape


  1. Doused – DIIV [00:00]
  2. Adrenaline Nightshift – Japandroids [03:35]
  3. Lots – Dan Deacon [07:49]
  4. Closet Addicts Anonymous (I Break Horses remix) – Man Without Country [10:35]
  5. Hips And Lips (Errors remix) – Maximo Park [14:24]
  6. Teletrips – The Ice Choir [19:06]
  7. Reunion (Mylo remix) – M83 [22:54]
  8. No.1 Against The Rush (Vince Clarke remix) – Liars [28:33]
  9. Tears – HEALTH [35:24]
  10. Belispeak – Purity Ring [39:39]
  11. Evidence (feat. John Foxx) – The Soft Moon [42:36]
  12. You Are The One – A Place To Bury Strangers [47:19]
  13. Junior – No Joy [51:02]
  14. All Night Low – Violens [53:16]
  15. Marianne – California Wives [55:46]
  16. Speed The Collapse – Metric [59:53]
  17. Five Seconds – Twin Shadow [63:27]

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