download new dan deacon 'lots'


Baltimore electronic wiz Dan Deacon has announced the follow-up to 2009’s critically acclaimed Bromst. On August 27th, Deacon will release America, his first for new label Domino. To hear the label tell it, this is the watershed moment of the composer’s eclectic career:

“There’s a subtler approach to timbre on America, informed by Deacon’s recent experiences in the classical world — commissions and collaborations, his Carnegie Hall debut; his first film score (for a Francis Ford Coppola film). The integration of acoustic textures — including concert percussion, winds, brass, and strings — has ramped up exponentially since Deacon first ventured outside of purely synthesized sound on 2009’s Bromst.”

That said, first glimpse “Lots” is the most kinetic track on the album. Perhaps best to sell his style and capture the legendary vibe of Deacon’s live shows:

This is as good a time as any to reprise Deacon’s crowning achievement to date, the 2006 viral video he produced with Liam Lynch, “Drinking Out Of Cups,” rumored to be the computer animated ranting of a friend whacked out on LSD:

“Lighthouses rule. You don’t like the lighthouse, you suck.”


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