japandroids 'celebration rock' full album stream


Whether your ideal summer day is spent at the lake, out by the pool or on the open road, Vancouver duo Japandroids intend to be right there, urging the party to go on just a little longer. Guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse release their second full length next week, an 8-song, 36-minute ode to living the good life.

Celebration Rock is just that – a collection of straight ahead rockers with sing along, lighters in the air choruses and ear-splitting volume. Of all the recent two-piece acts including The White Stripes, The Black Keys, No Age and Death From Above 1979, Japandroids might be the most successful of all in creating the illusion of a full band sound.

This is genre crossing stuff. Anyone who professes to love rock & roll will be hard pressed to find issue with this tight and tidy package of blistering power pop. Have a listen thanks to NPR and start daydreaming about all those long summer nights you’ll be cranking this gem:

Celebration Rock track list:

  1. The Nights of Wine and Roses
  2. Fire’s Highway
  3. Evil’s Sway
  4. For the Love of Ivy
  5. Adrenaline Nightshift
  6. Younger Us
  7. The House That Heaven Built
  8. Continuous Thunder

One thought on “japandroids 'celebration rock' full album stream

  1. McMung

    Full of Win. What are you thoughts, Old Waver, on earlier JapanDroids work?

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