diiv 'how long have you known?' video & 'doused' single


Just before we included the impeccably catchy “How Long Have You Known?” on last month’s mix tape, Brooklyn’s Dive abruptly changed their name to DIIV. The cryptic, phonetic change was made in deference to a 90’s industrial band of the same name.

No matter, a jangle core band by any other name still sounds as sweet. Or something. For an idea of the diverse elements that frontman Zachary Cole Smith culled to create his Beach Fossils side project, check out the video for the aforementioned single. Smith makes a homemade hallucinogen from a blended concoction of clock hands, various electronic elements, a lava lamp, CD shavings and a cassette of Nirvana’s In Utero:

DIIV’s also phonetically spelled debut album Oshin will be released June 26th on Captured Tracks. The most recently shared album track, “Doused,” is equally choice…  this is going to be my summer soundtrack for sure.


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