download the ice choir 'teletrips'


When last we heard from The Ice Choir, it was an enticing, embryonic look at the new side project from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s Kurt Feldman. Now it’s nearly fully realized, with debut LP Afar due out July 31st on Underwater Peoples.

New track “Teletrips” is less overtly synthpop than previous single “Two Rings.” It’s got some R&B shimmy and an intro that’s a mashup of Talk Talk and Spandau Ballet:

download via stereogum

Really looking forward to this. As the album press kit describes, it’s a very meta combination of retro chic and DIY bedroom pop:

This is a record that sounds like it was tracked thirty years ago in a $5,000-a-day studio: all sheen, synths, compressed guitars and digitally revived vocals yet is as bedroom-and-laptop as any; written and produced on the road and out of suitcases over the past 12 months by Kurt Feldman (and later brought to life via MIDI and an extensive collection of outmoded vintage synthesizers).

In the hands of “just anyone,” this would be a recipe for self-indulgent schlock — but Feldman appears the type of conscientious, gifted studio professional who can pull it off.


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