health 'tears' from max payne 3


It’s not real indie to talk about “revenue streams,” but L.A. electronic experimentalists HEALTH have figured out how to get paid. Best known for their split 7″ singles with Crystal Castles, and notable for their often hilariously dark tweets, they’ve decided to follow up 2009’s acclaimed Get Color with a video game soundtrack. But not just any game. They’ve scored the forthcoming edition of one of the biggest franchises out there, Max Payne.

As bassist John Famiglietti told Pitchfork, “We had to postpone everything to do Max Payne — but the cool thing about doing the soundtrack is that we were able to upgrade all our studio gear.” See, nothing wrong with selling out.

The first track, “Tears,” has an ominous, cinematic vibe:

Rockstar Games soundtrack supervisor, Ivan Pavlovich, says “HEALTH have created hundreds of hours of amazing music for the game’s score, and distilled it into a devastatingly moody and atmospheric soundtrack album.” It remains to be seen if it’ll play more like an album or a soundtrack, but it fits the shooter’s gritty gameplay:

The game and the single are out today, with the full Max Payne 3 Soundtrack to be released next week. Now flush with cash, HEALTH plan a proper third LP later this year.


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