watch violens 'all night low' video at your own risk


NYC trio Violens will release their second full length True in a couple weeks. Reviewing the track list, it’s hard to believe only three of the “musical sketches” from last year’s unofficial release Nine Songs made the cut. One of those is the quasi-title cut “Totally True,” which captures the magic of this band in all their hazy, shimmery, jangling glory:

But what we’re really here for is the intense new video for pounding album track “All Night Low.” Edited by Violens’ own Jorge Elbrecht, it’s a gritty assemblage of black and white imagery that comes with the warning:

“This video contains strobe effects and fast edits. It has not been tested, so we suggest people with photosensitive epilepsy refrain from watching it.”

Buckle up.

Look for True out May 15th on Slumberland and pick up the “Totally True” 7″ on clear vinyl.


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