watch/download the vestals 'perfect pain'


In this digital age, when you can know everything about anyone right this second, it’s rare when an artist can maintain an air of mystery. Even more rare is the 8-word email press release, but that’s what arrived from The Vestals:

love the blog.
check this:


This combination of mystery, brevity and flattery prompted me to click, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The Vestals, who by my best guess are from either Newport or Cardiff in Wales, produce melancholy guitar pop that’s equal parts jangle and new wave. “Perfect Pain” is a terrific introduction that’s akin to the Swedish dream pop of The Mary Onettes, Shout Out Louds and The Radio Dept.:

To download “Perfect Pain,” give The Vestal’s facebook page a like. Wish there was more to share, but the only other song they’ve ever published has since been scrubbed from the web… hope there’s more to come.


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