watch sarah jaffe's 'glorified high' & stream full lp 'the body wins'


Dallas singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe has been a rising star for some time, but her traditional, occasionally twangy arrangements weren’t really my cup of tea. Enter producer John Congleton, known for his band The Paper Chase and his production work with the likes of Explosions In The Sky, Wye Oak and St. Vincent.

On The Body Wins, Congleton adds space, atmosphere and just enough studio sheen to Jaffe’s heartfelt storytelling. Prime example is lead single “Glorified High” with its synth gurgles and thick bassline. Jaffe’s voice and piano are still the center of attention, but there’s just enough added interest. In the video however, Jaffe allows herself to be upstaged by an 11-year-old dancer:

(via mtvu)

If you’re feeling that, pick up the album from Dallas’ own Kirtland records and stream the whole thing courtesy of NPR:

The Body Wins track list:

  1. Paul
  2. The Body Wins
  3. Glorified High
  4. Mannequin Woman
  5. Halfway Right
  6. The Way Sound Leaves A Room
  7. Fangs
  8. Hooray For Love
  9. Foggy Field
  10. Sucker For Your Marketing
  11. Limerence
  12. Talk
  13. When You Rest

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