mothlite: watch 'something in the sky' & download 'zebras'


Daniel O’Sullivan’s name probably doesn’t ring a bell, but the Manchester, England native’s talents are certainly in demand. He’s been a touring member of doom metal heroes Sunn O))), he’s been a full-fledged member of a half-dozen other bands including Norwegian drone act Ulver, and he’s penned songs for UK electro duo The Big Pink.

On May 15th, O’Sullivan will release his second “solo” album as Mothlite, Dark Age. Its sound is both dark and bright at once, or as the press release describes it recalls “the deepest remnants of 80’s sounds (YMO, Talk Talk, Japan, Cocteau Twins) and fus(es) it with an innovative, forward-thinking approach to programming and manipulation… all dipped in a thick treacly molasses of ecstatic melody.”

Sounds like a press release, but it’s pretty accurate. You can hear the Talk Talk influence right away in “Something In The Sky”:

By contrast, “Zebras” has more of a Depeche Mode Black Celebration vibe:

Definitely piques my interest. If you’re inclined, download “Zebras” by offering an email to the widget above and look for Dark Age next month on Kscope.


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