stream spiritualized's 'sweet heart sweet light'

On April 17th, Spiritualized will release Sweet Heart Sweet Light, a welcome return to form. Jason Pierce dubs the seventh album from his post-Spaceman 3 project a “pop” record, but that’s a relative term considering five of the 11 songs clock in at 6 minutes plus.

This album was recorded under the influence of legal drugs — Pierce was undergoing a radical form of chemotheraphy for liver disease — but it still reflects his ongoing struggle with mortality, spirituality and love. Thanks to NPR, we can all have an early listen to the album that appears destined to take a seat at the right hand of Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space:

Sweet Heart Sweet Light track list:

  1. Huh? (Intro)
  2. Hey Jane
  3. Little Girl
  4. Get What You Want
  5. Too Late
  6. Heading for the Top
  7. Freedom
  8. I Am What I Am
  9. Mary
  10. Life Is a Problem
  11. So Long You Pretty Things

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