watch dale earnhardt jr jr 'we almost lost detroit'


Nearly a year after releasing excellent debut album It’s A Corporate World, the duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have unveiled a heartfelt video for “We Almost Lost Detroit.” A cover of spoken word legend Gil Scott Heron, the song and subsequently the video are quite meaningful to the Detroit natives:

“Sadly, roughly nine months after we recorded and began performing our version of the song, Gil Scott Heron passed away at the age of 62. To be clear, we do not consider ourselves a mouthpiece for him nor are we anywhere near as strong of a social voice as he was. But we do hope that our version of his song continues to inspire people to get out there and work towards a better future.

As Detroiters, we are born and bred with a civic pride that we are continually told is somewhat uncommon. We wanted the city, and the people in the city, to be the video for this simple reason. It is an exciting time to be from Detroit–as we believe it’s a city that is in the midst of reinventing itself in a huge way.”

The Detroit Chamber of Commerce need to post this on their homepage immediately:

A limited edition 12″ single of “We Almost Lost Detroit” will be released on Record Store Day, April 21st.


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