stream chromatics 'kill for love' double lp


This week, all the cool kids on the internet are abuzz over the new album from Portland’s Chromatics. Kill For Love is the epic 90-minute double album follow-up to 2007 cult classic Night Drive. Five years in the making — recorded in Portland, Montreal, Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis, Paris and Jakarta — it’s a monumental record deserving of all the attention.

Built around Ruth Radelet’s smoky voice, guitarist Adam Miller’s washes of reverb and Johnny Jewel’s electronic elements, Chromatics are absolutely of the moment — bringing together New Order styled synthpop with a healthy dose of sonic experimentation. Neil Young cover “Into The Black” is a languid opener, but don’t be fooled — they explore a wide variety of moods over the course of an hour and a half.

Listen to the entire album below in one seamless track, and if you’d like you can watch/download the title track at the end of the post. Enjoy:

Kill For Love track list:

  1. Into the Black
  2. Kill for Love
  3. Back From the Grave
  4. The Page
  5. Lady
  6. These Streets Will Never Look the Same
  7. Broken Mirrors
  8. Candy
  9. The Eleventh Hour
  10. Running From the Sun
  11. Dust to Dust
  12. Birds of Paradise
  13. A Matter of Time
  14. At Your Door
  15. There’s a Light Out on the Horizon
  16. The River
  17. No Escape


Kill For Love is out now on Italians Do It Better.


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