watch the cribs 'come on, be a no one' & stream bonus track 'better than me'


After the melodic intricacies of 2009’s Johnny Marr influenced Ignore The Ignorant, The Cribs have “gotten back to basics” with In The Bell Of The Brazen Bull. Out May 7th, it’s the Jarman brothers’ fifth album and first of the post-Marr era. Early look “Chi-Town” stripped off all the studio polish, but latest single “Come On, Be A No One” shows The Cribs haven’t completely abandoned their pop sensibilities.

Set for release next month, “Come On, Be A No One” has the rip roaring, singalong chorus that is the Jarmans’ signature — along with some ferocious guitar and a little Nirvana effects pedal. Check out the video, shot on a recent UK tour:

If you preorder the new album from the band, you’ll get an immediate download of bonus track “Better Than Me.” A pounding, power pop gem, it encapsulates the sneering, cocksure inferiority complex at the heart of The Cribs:

I miss Johnny, but I’ll always love these guys.


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