stream new beck single 'looking for a sign'


It’s been almost four years since Beck released the terrific Modern Guilt. Since then, he’s kept himself busy with the odd collaboration, producing the likes of Stephen Malkmus, and contributing to various soundtracks. He’s gone and done the latter once again, penning “Looking For A Sign” for the Jason Segel/Ed Helms film Jeff, Who Lives At Home.

The track splits the difference between the country-fried Beck of Mutations and the suicidal streak of Sea Change. Have a listen here and buy it from iTunes:

As for the movie, it opened in limited release last week. It appears to be a character-centric dark comedy about two brothers — one who can’t get his shit together and the other who thinks he has his shit together but really doesn’t:

Reviews are decidedly mixed, but hey — at least they got Beck on the soundtrack.


One thought on “stream new beck single 'looking for a sign'


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