jesus and mary chain live at 35 denton


Delayed by visa issues, The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s headlining show at the 35 Denton festival finally went off last night. With wristband holders corralled close to the stage and an expanse of pasture available free of charge for anyone who showed up at the North Texas Fairgrounds, a giddy crowd of a thousand or more assembled for the Reid brothers’ ear-splitting set.

Last minute opener Ty Segall was a brilliant addition. His 60’s inspired garage pop set a frenzied, noisy tone. Segall seemed legitimately humbled and honored to be there — in fact, he stuck around to crowd surf during JAMC’s encore.

As for the main event, there was a ragged element to the Jesus and Mary Chain set. Jim Reid even made an aside about how they hate to rehearse. But they made up for any sloppiness with heartfelt enthusiasm and sheer volume. Openers “Head On” and “Blues From A Gun” got things off to a roaring start, with “Just Like Honey” the lone down tempo detour in their blistering 90-minute set.

Favorites “Sidewalking,” “Far Gone And Out,” “Cracking Up” and “Reverence” were highlights of the evening. Unfortunately, my circa ’05 digital camera is a piece of shit so I don’t have them for you here. What I do have are Automatic deep cut “Between Planets,” Psychocandy‘s “Taste Of Cindy” and 2008 ‘comeback single’ “All Things Must Pass.”

While JAMC have a much higher profile SxSW date tonight, there was a certain earnestness and communal spirit present at last night’s event. Jim Reid even cajoled a 20-something fan into throwing his late 90’s era “Jesus Fuck” t-shirt onto the stage at the close of the show. We’ll see if he sports it tonight in Austin.

Thanks, 35 Denton.

Our friends at slicingupeyeballs have additional video, including several clips from the Houston show the night before.


2 thoughts on “jesus and mary chain live at 35 denton

  1. Amanda Cobra

    your footage came out WAY better than mine. and i’m so glad you got “between planets” because it was my favorite song of the night. yay!

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