'rivers' – new single from :papercutz


Recently, I kicked off a new cover songs feature for the blog of my local alternative weekly, The Dallas Observer. I mention this to a) shamelessly plug and b) provide an update on the band profiled in the first post — :papercutz.

The electro duo of Bruno Miguel and Melissa Veras provided an epic version of The Cure’s “Disintegration,” and while I certainly love the original, it was the personal touches that really captured my attention. The marriage of Robert Smith style sweeping goth and obtuse euro electronica reminiscent of The Knife just worked.

Equally intriguing is the first track from upcoming album The Blur Between Us. “Rivers” doesn’t have quite the same song-within-a-song sprawl, but it stems from the same optimistic darkness:

The album was produced and mixed by Chris Coady, of Beach House Teen Dream fame, so this is definitely one to look forward to. If you’re in Austin for sxsw this week, be sure and catch :papercutz at the Speakeasy Kabaret on Friday.


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