stream 'ssss' lp from vince clarke & martin gore


Former Depeche Mode bandmates Vince Clarke and Martin Gore have reunited under the collective acronym VCMG, with their debut full length Ssss due to arrive next week.

Though they were only in Depeche Mode together for a short time, Clarke and Gore’s relationship was icy at best for decades. That all changed with an email from Clarke asking Gore to collaborate on a techno project. What followed was a “Postal Service” arrangement — pinging tracks back and forth, adding bits and making edits, until they were both satisfied with the result.

And that result is darker, harder and more challenging than anything either have done independently. Despite their shared Speak & Spell roots, Ssss has nary a nod to pop. Still, it’s fascinating to hear the soundscapes two of electronic music’s most successful artists have built together:

(via mixmag)

Meanwhile, work is about to begin on the follow up to Depeche Mode’s 2009 album Sounds Of The Universe with a targeted release date late this year or early 2013.


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