watch the shins 'bait and switch'


I’ve got to admit, I’ve been rather nonplussed at the prospect of a new Shins record. There was a time James Mercer and his rotating cast were among my favorites, but that was way back in the aughts.

However, “Bait And Switch” has turned me around a bit. It’s a shuffling, jaunty little number with a nice, fat chorus. Check out the video, with its laid back rehearsal footage:

By contrast, the video for lead single “Simple Song” is a big budget, cinematic clip featuring Mercer from beyond the grave with his bandmates as his ungrateful kids:

Look for Port Of Morrow March 20th.


One thought on “watch the shins 'bait and switch'

  1. Tim in Allen

    I think its funny that this guy had the balls to basically fire his entire band because the wrote and performed 90% of all the music. The rest of these people are for touring basically. When can he stop the Broken Bells / Shins charade and just release it all under the James Mercer title?

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