man without country 'puppets' video & 'king complex' ep

(photo: Robert Bellamy)

Cardiff, Wales duo Man Without Country are set to release debut LP Foe this spring. After making a name for themselves with remixes for Active Child and M83, and opening some European dates for the latter, Tomas Greenhalf and Ryan Owen are primed for success.

Their synthpop sound shares the epic scope of M83, with a bit of the shoegaze sweetness of Mew. “Puppets” from the forthcoming album is a perfect example, with its huge chorus and the too-cute-to-be-insulting way of singing “the inability to think for yourself is all you’ve ever known”:

(via CoS)

Seriously love this. And there’s more where that came from — give the King Complex EP a spin. It features four songs that will end up on the full length as well, and demonstrates Man Without Country’s deft touch with subtle atmosphere and out-and-out euphoria:


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