new from the cult – download 'lucifer'


English cock rockers The Cult had a pretty nice weekend, as their 1985 classic “She Sells Sanctuary” got the mashup treatment with Flo Rida in one of Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads. And it just so happens that Ian Astbury and the guys are set to make a comeback with their 9th studio album entitled Choice Of Weapon.

Co-produced by Bob Rock (Sonic Temple) and Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age), it’s a return to the hard rock form of early 90’s Cult. Lead track “Lucifer” has some electronic tid bits to fancy things up, but it’s what you’d expect with mid-tempo sludge guitars and Astbury’s patented wail:

That “I got the power” chorus is a grower. Astbury recently discussed the state of music and culture with Rolling Stone, and he doesn’t sound too optimistic:

“Look at the culture we live in. It’s vulgar. We celebrate narrow concerns, we celebrate the veneer…  something [is] not quite right in the zeitgeist, and it’s not in a material place, it’s in a spiritual place. And the word spiritual has almost become almost tired. You think Barnes and Noble, books on the Dalai Lama and crystals. It’s become hokey. And I think that that again is a smear campaign from those who want to perpetuate this ego-driven, ‘I am right, I am right, I’m first, I’m right, look at me, here I am, I know everything, I’ve got all the knowledge, I know everything about krautrock, I know everything about obscure art forms, it’s me, I’m the one, put me on, flog me, here I am.’ We’re lost.”

Oh well, as least there’s that Budweiser money:

One thought on “new from the cult – download 'lucifer'

  1. Prophetcfp

    Great to see that one of the a lllllllll time great songs gets some props….even if it was dubbed with rap……

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