super bowl grab bag: air, miike snow, neon indian & tenacious d

What do these artists have to do with Super Bowl XLVI? Absolutely nothing. Let’s just chalk this post up to lazy blogging — or to put a positive spin on it, it’s streamlined content bringing you four posts in one!

Anyway, some terrific stuff came across the web today that I’d really like to share. First up is the full album stream of French duo Air‘s soundtrack for a restored version of Le Voyage Dans La Lune. Featuring guest vocals from Beach House’s Victoria Legrand and Au Revoir Simone, mute Madonna and roll this at halftime:

Next up, the totally twisted video for new Miike Snow single “Paddling Out.” Set in a house shaped spaceship manned by mutilation-hungry Victorian-costumed children, this is more strange than any commercial you’ll see on Sunday:

In another video, Adult Swim presents animated accompaniment for Neon Indian‘s “Fallout.” It’s a story of a damsel in distress who’s got bigger cans than Christina Aguilera of The Voice, returning to NBC after the Super Bowl:

And finally, much like Tom Brady and the Patriots, Tenacious D have returned to claim what’s rightfully theirs. Except rather than avenging a loss to the Giants, they’re rising from the ashes of The Pick Of Destiny. And yes, that “Fenix” is a giant cock:

Hooray for footballball!


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