download the mary onettes 'love's taking strange ways'


Swedes The Mary Onettes struck a chord with 2007’s self titled debut, which borrowed heavily (in a good way) from the 80’s jangle pop of Echo and the Bunnymen, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Church.

Follow-up Islands was a more dour affair due to personal tragedies suffered by singer Philip Ekström during the writing of the album, but The Mary Onettes are back with more of their uplifting dream pop. February 28th will see the release of the Love Forever EP, a collection of four brand new tunes.

Single “Love’s Taking Strange Ways” has a bouncy bassline, tinkled keys, plucked strings and beautiful harmonies that make me feel all warm and fuzzy:

In case you’ve missed these gents so far, here’s the wonderful “Pleasure Songs” from the aforementioned debut:

Love Forever track list:

  1. Love’s Taking Strange Ways
  2. Will I Ever Be Ready
  3. A Breaking Heart Is A Brilliant Start
  4. 8th Of June

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