stream the 2 bears 'be strong' full lp


Last week we mentioned Hot Chip side project New Build featuring Felix Martin and Alex Doyle. Next week, Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard rolls out his debut full length with The 2 Bears — an homage to house music created with collaborator Raf Rundell.

Make no mistake, Be Strong is a joyful party album that’s only meant to be taken seriously in the sense that The 2 Bears seriously want you to be happy. With soulful backup vocals, house piano, handclaps and window rattling bass, it’s a period piece that will bring hazy memories flooding back to anyone who cut a rug in the early 90’s:

(via theguardianuk)

If that works for you, then have a look at the official video for “Work” and download the radio edit from the player below:


One thought on “stream the 2 bears 'be strong' full lp

  1. Alex Neuhausen

    Hey, thanks for posting this. I think the production is excellent (especially the bass in Work) but it strikes me as missing the magic of Alexis Taylor’s vocals. You know, that special mix of vulnerability and bookishness and really catchy parts.

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