miike snow & lykke li — 'black tin box'


Swedes Miike Snow have offered some tantalizing looks at their forthcoming second album Happy To You. Both “Devil’s Work” and “Paddling Out” had the slickness and grooves you’d expect from guys who moonlight as all-star producers, but the latest track, “Black Tin Box,” has a darker, more substantial quality.

Featuring guest vocals from fellow Swede Lykke Li, as well as steel drums, strings and booming percussion, it’s a moody piece that bodes well for the scope of the album:

(via p4k)

Look for Happy To You March 27th.


One thought on “miike snow & lykke li — 'black tin box'

  1. Alex Neuhausen

    Wow, compare this with “Animal” or “Black and Blue.” That is some serious scope for a band. I have yet to see a blogger really grapple with the marked shift in style we’re seeing so far on this album. They’ve kind of moved into their own world.

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