hot chip + lcd soundsystem = new build

With Hot Chip on a bit of a break and LCD Soundsystem on permanent hiatus, LCD drummer Pat Mahoney along with Hot Chip’s Felix Martin and Alex Doyle (who did time in LCD, too) have taken this opportunity to step into the spotlight with a new project entitled New Build.

A 500-print limited edition 12″ of “Do You Not Feel Loved?” will be released on February 20th. A glorious slice of disco house, it skews closer to Hot Chip’s brand of electropop:

Preorder the 12″, which features two remixes, from the New Build bandcamp page.

Delving into their brief history, earlier efforts such as “Misery Loves Company” were more minimalist with LCD percussion elements:

If you want to know where they’re coming from, “Guitar Man” is built around the hook “I’m sick of being your drummer”:

New Build’s first single “Finding Reasons,” released over the summer, is their most raw and deliberate effort:

Got to say, I like where they’re headed. We’ll see if this turns into a full-fledged side project like Joe Goddard’s The 2 Bears.


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