stream chairlift 'something' in full


Brooklyn duo Chairlift release their highly anticipated sophomore album Something next week.  Early peeks “Amanaemonesia,” “Met Before” and “Sidewalk Safari” indicated that Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly had stumbled into fertile synthpop territory that truly sounds completely original.

Much of that can be attributed to Polachek’s inventive phrasing and crystalline vocals, but Wimberly has a knack for splitting the difference between 80’s inspired new wave and borderline yacht rock. Thanks to KCRW, you can stream the whole album and see what I mean:

Something full track list:

  1. Sidewalk Safari
  2. Wrong Opinion
  3. I Belong In Your Arms
  4. Take It Out On Me
  5. Ghost Tonight
  6. Cool As A Fire
  7. Amanaemonesia
  8. Met Before
  9. Frigid Spring
  10. Turning
  11. Guilty As Charged

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