stream cloud nothings 'attack on memory'


Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings will release Attack On Memory next week, the highly anticipated sophomore full-length from young Dylan Baldi and co. Produced by Steve Albini, it’s light years from the twee, 90’s influenced emo of Cloud Nothings’ self titled debut.

With the rapid fire drumming of Jason Gerycz and Baldi’s newfound snarl, it’s rather like a whole new act. The obvious songwriting knack is still there, but the post-punk aggression casts Cloud Nothings in a different and intriguing light. Check it out:

If you dig that, go ahead and download album opener “No Future / No Past” for free:


One thought on “stream cloud nothings 'attack on memory'

  1. Dade

    I just turned 25 about 3 weeks ago and have hit the QLC a bit! It hit me about 2 weeks bforee I turned 25 that I would no longer be in the 18-24 age range, thus I would have to check the next age box on surveys. haha A bit silly, yes, but 18-24 was so very good to me that I couldn’t imagine not being ANY of those ages anymore. So here I am on the other side (welcome all who are here or will be joining us soon)and it seems as if all of my friends near QLC time are growing up so suddenly! Marriages, kids, houses, CAREERS (no, not jobs anymore, but the long haul, do this for the rest of your life’ thing) All of those things I just mentioned are not a part of my life at the moment, so I sometimes feel a little like I’m slacking or something. I have to constantly remind myself that LIFE IS NOT A RACE and that I need to stop comparing myself to others. *I write myself notes about this and tons of other things on the daily and make myself say them out loud.* While I sometimes feel lame for things I have done or have not done, the best part of my QLC so far has definitely been my personal growth and watching my QLC friends grow as well. Our relationships with each other and the world are as they were when we were in that beloved 18-24 bubble, but now they seem a little more in depth/thoughtful/outrageous/fabulous/critical just older’ somehow. Ironic how growing up is the basis for my QLC drama and woes, yet it’s the thing I’m most proud of and look forward to about the whole deal. Oh Life. :o)I’m also a huge fan of solo dance parties (or group dp’s, although with people and their careers these days, they aren’t always readily available to join my groovy soiree ) when any QLC emotions hit. There is little that jamming to some tunes and just dancing it out’ can’t ease or cure for me!

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