new twilight sad 'another bed' – free download


Joy Division, Wire, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cabaret Voltaire. Dissonant, atmospheric, electronic, dark. These are the reference points for the new album from Scotsmen The Twilight Sad.

Known for producing a shoegaze wall of guitars, the band had a mutual parting of ways with bassist Craig Orzel following 2010’s Forget The Night Ahead. That, and a budding relationship with legendary producer Andrew Weatherall, pushed the now-trio in a new, electronic direction. As guitarist Andy MacFarlane told The Skinny:

“At certain points in the early 80s, they all sounded really sparse but dead aggressive at the same time. I thought it was clever, not having to put that much down onto record and still get that atmosphere.”

The most recent look at next month’s No One Can Ever Know shows they’ve gone all-in:

The Twilight Sad — “Another Bed”

Singer James Graham’s brogue keeps The Twilight Sad from sounding like a Joy Division aping also-ran, and the excellent guitar atmospherics of previous album peek “Kill It In The Morning” keep them tethered to their roots:

Look for No One Can Ever Know February 7th on Fat Cat.


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