new order 'power corruption & lies' tribute


As the calendar turns to 2012, the New Order power struggle sees estranged bassist Peter Hook touring as Joy Division and the remaining members officially reforming without him. This reemergence has placed New Order on the bill of the 2012 Ultra Music Festival as well as the January cover of UK music monthly Mojo.

To honor the “reborn” New Order, the new Mojo issue includes a re-recording of the 1983 classic Power Corruption & Lies — which includes cuts from the “Blue Monday” single and other non-album tracks (see the full tracklist in the preview widget below).

Glaswegian electro rockers Errors and London goth-psych outfit  S.C.U.M. are a couple of the more intriguing names from the rather anonymous list of contributors. The standout appears to be Destroyer (Dan Bejar, who scored the #18 spot on our 2011 albums list), with a faithful take on album-proper closer “Leave Me Alone”:

We’ll add full tracks as they appear, but for now you can check out previews of every track courtesy of Mojo:


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