download: old waver november mix tape

So it’s officially December, but we humbly present the November Old Waver mix tape. Things kick off with the new collaboration from ex-Depeche Mode mates Vince Clarke and Martin Gore, and we keep it old school with Holy Ghost’s excellent Ministry cover, new stuff from The Mighty Lemon Drops’ David Newton and a guest vocal from The Church’s Steve Kilbey on Hammock’s “No Agenda.”

There is an electro bent this month with Orbital and Washed Out in there too, but the inclusion of Jónsi, The Big Pink and some raucous shoegaze from Ringo Deathstarr balance things out nicely.

Remember, the rest of the 2011 mix tapes are right here…  please enjoy the November edition below.

old waver november 2011 mix tape (82MB file)


  1. Spock – VCMG
  2. Two Rings – The Ice Choir
  3. I Wanted To Tell Her – Holy Ghost! feat. Nancy Whang & Juan Maclean (Ministry Cover)
  4. Too Little, Too Late – Fotoshop
  5. Earthscore – Errors
  6. Time Travel – Blouse
  7. Hit The Ground (Superman) – The Big Pink
  8. Gathering Stories – Jónsi
  9. Canopy Shade – Trophy Wife
  10. Call It Off – Washed Out
  11. GTWS (School of Seven Bells Remix) – Warm Ghost
  12. Never – Orbital
  13. Shadow – Ringo Deathstarr
  14. Paint the Town – David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels
  15. How Do I Know – League
  16. No Agenda – Hammock feat. The Church’s Steve Kilbey
  17. Something Falling – Violens

streaming version:

old waver november 2011 mix tape


spotify version (without the fancy crossfades):

old waver november 2011 mix tape on spotify


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